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Fan Theories: Office Space’s Bill Lumbergh Wanted Initech Destroyed

on February 18, 2019, 12:53pm

Sup, G? Fan Theories returns for the 20th anniversary of Mike Judge’s Office Space.

Long before he dreamed up Idiocracy or navigated the proverbial shark-infested waters of Silicon Valley, Judge gave us this scathing, albeit downright hilarious, portrait of the American workforce. Starring Ron Livingston as the dazed and bemused Peter Gibbons, the film follows his day-to-day mundanities working at a tech firm that’s strolling straight into obsolescence — or rather, a fiery end.

However, our latest installment theorizes that there were far more menacing hands behind those TPS reports, making Peter and his gang’s Superman III virus look like child’s play by comparison. It’s a theory that’ll certainly change the way you look at the two Bobs, Bill Lumbergh, and, yes, even Milton. So, grab you red stapler, maybe even try to secure a piece of birthday cake, and watch above.

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