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Album Review: stellastarr* – Civilized

stellastarr* was always a different band. Bursting on to the scene in 2005 with their mission statement, “In The Walls,” the New York rockers featured punctuating guitar, a vocal performance flitting between falsetto and baritone bellow, perfectly executed vocal harmonies …

on July 09, 2009, 4:00pm
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stellastarr* issues U.S. tour dates

With the release of its new album, Civilized, on the horizon (July 7th), stellastarr* finally has an excuse to hit the road again; the New York City based group hasn’t embarked on a full tour in nearly three years. …

on May 12, 2009, 8:25am
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stellastarr* shoots for July release

Nearly four years after the release of Harmonies for the Haunted, Brooklyn’s stellastarr* is finally ready to return with its much-anticipated third full-length effort. Called Civilized, the 10-track effort will feature both old (the Brooklyn foursome have reconnected …

on April 09, 2009, 9:05am