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Consequence of Sound is the missing link between mainstream pop culture and the underground.

Over the past decade, the Chicago-based online publication has accrued a devoted readership in the millions for its reliability, precision, and character with regards to music, television, and film. It’s a voice that wants to pat one’s shoulders, not stand on them.

Accolades: About.com’s Best Music Blog of 2010Technorati’s Most Influential Music Blog, and Style of Sound’s No. 2 Most Influential Music Blog.

Featured on: Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and Time Entertainment.

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Founder & Publisher:
Alex Young

President & Editor-in-Chief:
Michael Roffman


Editorial Director:
Matt Melis

News Editor:
Ben Kaye

Assistant News Editor and New Music Editor:
Lake Schatz

Film Editor:
Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

Heavy Consequence, Managing Editor:
Spencer Kaufman

New Media Editor:
Irene Monokandilos


Senior Writers:
Andrew Bloom
Ryan Bray
Collin Brennan
Dan Caffrey
Randall Colburn
Nina Corcoran
Katherine Flynn
Sasha Geffen
Justin Gerber
Blake Goble
Wren Graves
Adam Kivel
Sarah Kurchak
Karas Lamb
Kelly McClure
Lior Phillips
David Sackllah
Gary Suarez
Dan Weiss
Greg Whitt
Clint Worthington

News Writers:
Randall Colburn
Zac Gelfand
Pranav Trewn
Clint Worthington


Video Director:
Perry Froelich

Assistant Video Editor:
Caroline Daniel

Podcast Network Director:
Cap Blackard


Art Director:
Cap Blackard

Art Contributors:
Kailyn Boehm
Steven Fiche
Kristin Frenzel
Dmitri Jackson
Jacob Livengood
Virginia McCarthy
Matthew Vidalis


Contributing Photographers:
Debi Del Grande
David Brendan Hall
Heather Kaplan
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Amy Price
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Calla Flanagan
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Parker Reed

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