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Jeff Tweedy Performs “Gwendolyn” on Late Night with Seth Meyers: Watch

on November 24, 2020, 10:12am

Jeff Tweedy continued his quarantine domination by guesting on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote his recent ventures, perform the song “Gwendolyn”, and recall a hilarious Grammy memory.

The Wilco frontman has kept extremely busy throughout 2020 by releasing a new solo album and a new book. The record, titled Love is The King, was recorded with Tweedy’s two sons Spencer and Sammy, and before playing through one of its singles in a room full of guitars, Tweedy spoke about how wonderful it was to make a record with his own flesh and blood. “Playing music with your family is the most amazing gift I can ever imagine being given,” he said.

It was fitting that Tweedy performed “Gwendolyn” on Late Night, because Meyers was actually one of many celebrities who featured in its kooky music video. During the interview, which seemed more like two friends chatting than a formal Q&A, Tweedy explained how he got the idea to put a bunch of other famous people’s faces over his. They also talked about creativity and songwriting as it pertains to his new book How to Write One Song, and then stumbled into a great anecdote about Tweedy bumping into P. Diddy at the Grammys many years back

As Tweedy tells it, he was holding a stack of Grammy programs for all of his Wilco bandmates and their partners, when Diddy walked up to him and mistook him for an usher handing out programs. “He tapped the programs that I was holding with a cane and said, ‘Gimme one of those,'” Tweedy recalls. “And I’m like, ‘No, they’re mine.’ It didn’t escalate, thank goodness.”

Check out the full seven-minute interview after Tweedy’s “Gwendolyn” performance below.

Last month, Tweedy performed a different Love is The King song, “Guess Again”, on Colbert. Outside of his solo career, Wilco recently unveiled a deluxe reissue of their seminal 1999 album Summerteethfeaturing loads of demos, outtakes, and live recordings.