Late Night Performances

Christine and the Queens Performs “People, I’ve been sad” on Corden: Watch

on November 06, 2020, 10:47am

The original Queen of the Quarantine Performance returned on Thursday night, as Christine and the Queens beamed into Corden to sing “People, I’ve been sad”.

Throughout 2020, Chris has delivered some of the most stunning lockdown performances around. Whether covering Springsteen on Instagram, dancing through an empty venue on Fallon, or singing from a window ledge on Colbert, the French pop star has consistently found ways to make each of her appearances uniquely beautiful. For last night’s rendition of her La Vita Nuova EP lead single, Christine and the Queens took over Paris’ Musée des Beaux-Arts (the Museum of Fine Arts). And it may have been her most gorgeous late night spot yet.

Asked in a pre-performance interview why she chose the location, Chris explained,

“Around this EP, I’ve been choosing really almost postcard-y places of Paris. Really weighing down history with the weight of culture and everything. I’m trying to revisit that and be like a broken clown inside of it. I just wanted the poetry of those statues, to be like a weird ghost among them. I think it’s grandiose in a good way, and I can be sad in a really delicate way inside of it.”

Watch Christine and the Queens perform “People, I’ve been sad” below, followed by her Zoom chat with James Corden.