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St. Vincent Plays Fortnite with Gamer Abby Russell: Watch

on October 05, 2020, 12:08pm

Grammy-winning rocker St. Vincent is primarily known for her guitar heroics and masterful live show. But as it turns out, she’s also an avid Fortnite gamer.

On October 4th, the musician born Annie Clark hopped on YouTube to broadcast an hour-long playthrough of Fornite. She was joined by Abby Russell of the video game reviews website Giant Bomb. For months now, Russell, a longtime St. Vincent fan, has posted clips requesting that the indie rocker play with her.

As the video replay shows, Clark isn’t as well versed in Fortnite as Russell, as she asks the professional gamer for advice with character selection. However, the Masseduction star makes for a truly entertaining watch, especially when her personality shines through. Clark and Russell hit it off almost immediately, and their banter is casual yet fun — they’re like two old pals linking up to revisit their favorite game.

In addition to strategic Fortnite talk, the pair shoot the shit about TV, birthdays, other video games they enjoy, and what they’ve been up to during quarantine. If you didn’t know St. Vincent was a renowned musician, you could easily believe that she’s just another nerd who loves to play Switch games in her free time, and it’s incredibly wholesome to see her hang in such an informal environment. Watch the whole thing below.

St. Vincent’s Fornite hobby might come as a surprise to fans of her music, but she’s actually a known figure in the gaming world. Earlier this year, Clark stunned gamers by admitting that she logged 300 (!) hours in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is an absolutely massive chunk of time to dedicate to anything. Here’s hoping that Fornite one day invites St. Vincent to perform within the game à la Travis Scott.

Outside of her gaming exploits, St. Vincent is set to appear on the loaded new Gorillaz album, Song Machine: Season 1 – Strange Timez, due out October 23rd.