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I Know What You Did Last Summer Hits the Horror Nostalgia Sweet Spot

on July 06, 2020, 10:00am

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“A toast… to us, to our last summer of immature, adolescent decadence. “

Hey, did you know the success rate of episodes about ’90s Slashers is higher than any other type of relationship? Cite your source and meet us at the beauty pageant as The Horror Virgin takes a parade down memory lane with 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer. Don’t forget your slicker.

We’ll talk about our love for ’90s horror, uncomfortable sibling dynamics, and what exactly it means to be a serious actress. Jenn gushes over Buffy Summers and finally sets the record straight on the legend of Ryan Phillippe. 

What are you waiting for, huh? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

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