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Spotify Lifts 10,000-Song Cap on Libraries

on May 26, 2020, 1:26pm

In a new Community blog post, Spotify announced that it was lifting the 10,000 item cap on users’ online libraries. The policy change will roll out over the coming days.

This has been one of the platform’s most popular requests since at least 2014, proving that when the community demands the same thing for six years running, Spotify partially listens. That’s “partially”, because these unlimited saves come with a few caveats. To start, it only applies to the online library; users are still restricted to 10,000 offline downloads. Furthermore, playlists remain capped at 10,000 songs, so the super-user dream of putting an entire library into a single massive playlist remains just that — a dream.

Still, for most Spotify obsessives, this will be a relief. Now digital users can enjoy accumulating a colossal collection — except that, unlike with physical collections, the acquisitions don’t necessarily put money in the artists’ pockets. While major labels are making $1 million an hour from streaming, and podcast host Joe Rogan recently signed an exclusive deal with Spotify worth $100 million (!), musicians generally get paid about $0.003 per stream. That’s a few pennies for a whole album.

Spotify is supporting artists in other ways, however. The big green circle recently unveiled a new feature allowing artists to fundraise directly from their Spotify page, as well as pledged up to $10 million in coronavirus relief.