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Little Simz Releases New EP Drop 6: Stream

on May 06, 2020, 12:35pm

Little Simz has released the new EP called Drop 6. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

Drop 6 is her first solo release since last year’s excellent LP GREY Area, one of our favorite albums of 2019. The rising UK artist — whom Kenrdrick Lamar once said “might be the illest doing it right now” — recorded the new EP during one month of quarantine. Little Simz produced the tracks herself, with additional production from Kal Banx, BLK VYNL, St Francis Hotel, and OTG.

While she started the EP at the beginning of April and finished it by the end, the interim was filled self-doubt and depression. In a statement, she wrote about getting in her own head, thinking, “‘This isn’t good enough, people won’t like this, it’s shit, the mix is trash,’ everything negative under the sun.” As she explained, she managed to get out of the funk by seeing some “beautiful photographs” and remembering a friend’s advice.

“I woke up one morning after a hard couple of days feeling sad, low and depressed. Checked my twitter timeline and saw some beautiful photographs somebody had taken, portraits they were. It instantly hit me. I’ve always known my creativity has no boundaries or limitations and will always stretch way beyond music. Photography is another medium and outlet for me to express myself. It’s an instantaneous art form. That’s what I love. When I first started, I used to immediately review each shot I’d taken, craving perfection. Deleting on the spot the ones I didn’t like. A friend noticed I kept doing that, he’s a painter and takes photos also. He told me don’t focus on deleting, focus on taking more. After serious procrastination I decided to stop being a lil bitch and cry baby and knuckle down on the EP. I gassed myself up. There’s no one else here, I’m alone, I had to. It started to feel good. I started to get really excited, wheeling myself up, spudding myself. I had to. Then I completed it.”

Last fall, Little Simz joined Anna Wise on her song “Abracadabra”, and teamed up with James BKS, Q-Tip, and Idris Elba on the single “New Breed”.

Drop 6 Artwork:
Drop 6 Artwork Little Simz Releases New EP Drop 6: Stream
Drop 6 Tracklist:
01. might bang, might
02. not one life, might live
03. damn right
04. you should call mum
05. where’s my lighter (feat. Alewya)