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KennyHoopla Releases New Single “plastic door//”: Stream

on May 13, 2020, 1:17pm

Genre-bending artist KennyHoopla is back with a new single called “plastic door//” via Mogul Vision/Arista Records. He’s also shared homemade music video to go along with it.

“plastic door//” is the second track we’ve heard from KennyHoopla’s upcoming EP, how will i rest in peace if I’m buried by a highway?//, which officially drops this Friday, May 15th. It follows “the world is flat and this is the edge//”. For such a short release, the EP is chalk-full of bangers, from indie pop swooners to disco-ready dances. There’s plenty to absorb, and thankfully you can get exclusive insight into KennyHoopla’s inspirations when he takes over the Consequence of Sound Instagram this Sunday.

Musically, “plastic door//” sees KennyHoopla digging into yet another sub-genre. This time, he blends mellow indie rock with a pop-punk song structure, the result of which sounds like if The xx covered a Good Charlotte song. In other words, “plastic door//” is hypnotic, soothing, and undeniably catchy.

In the song’s music video, directed by KennyHoopla himself, we see black-and-white scenes of a deserted town. KennyHoopla wanders around by himself, clawing his way through a fence, twirling through an empty parking lot, and bouncing on a basketball court. There’s no more urgent time to social distance than now, but we can’t help but wish we were there in person jamming with him. Watch it below.