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Tenci Announces Debut Album My Heart Is an Open Field, Shares “Joy” and “Joy 2”: Stream

on April 28, 2020, 1:32pm

Chicago artist Tenci has announced her debut album My Heart Is an Open Field, due out on June 5th. In anticipation, she’s shared two early teaser tracks in “Joy” and “Joy 2”.

Born Jess Shoman, Tenci named her bedroom folk project after her grandmother Hortencia, whose singing inspired a love of music. She wrote My Heart Is an Open Field after a particularly difficult period, and it was produced and recorded at the home of Spencer Radcliffe.

Shoman has a sweet, shaky voice, and on “Joy” she deploys it over searching acoustic guitars. “Joy 2” can be heard in the second half of the “Joy” music video, and here Tenci revels in negative space, using moments of silence to add a charge to her quiet melodies.

In a statement, she explained how the “fleeting” nature of joy can be a blessing, for as quickly as it disappears, it can also quickly return.

“Joy is an emotion that’s always fleeting. You race to find it so you can fill yourself up, but just as quickly it can leave you. It’s a name that I’ve given to new love, a cake that sits out too long, the breeze, desire, solitude. The moments where you lose this feeling are just as important as when you have it. There’s comfort in knowing that Joy will always be there in between the moments of self-doubt.”

The music video was directed by Tasnim Boufelfel, and for part one of “Joy” it shows intimate moments of close female friendship. That movement ends with a dreamy car ride, and as the gentle guitar progression of “Joy 2” begins, the perspective shifts to another vehicle in which Tenchi plays in the backseat. The visuals are introspective and lovely, and you can check them out below.

Pre-orders for My Heart Is an Open Field are ongoing. Previously, Tenci shared the singles “Serpent” and “Earthquake”.

My Heart Is an Open Field Artwork:

Tenci My Heart is an Open Field Artwork1 Tenci Announces Debut Album My Heart Is an Open Field, Shares Joy and Joy 2: Stream

My Heart Is an Open Field Tracklist:
02. Hair Sticks
03. Serpent
04. Blue Spring
05. Forgot my Horse’s Name
06. Joy
07. Joy 2
08. No Wings
09. My Heart Is An Open Field