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John Prine Remains “Very Ill”, Battling Pneumonia in Both Lungs

on April 03, 2020, 8:56am

Update: John Prine passed away Tuesday, April 7th, due to complications from the coronavirus.

Fiona Prine has offered a new update on her husband John Prine, who is in intensive care after testing positive for the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the 73-year-old country singer remains “very ill” and “still needs quite a bit of help with his breathing,” according to Fiona.

“This is John’s 8th day in ICU. He is receiving excellent medical care and being treated with kindness and compassion by the entire team looking after him day and night. I cannot be with him which makes this nightmare all the more distressing,” Fiona wrote in a Twitter update posted late Thursday night.

“As you know, John was put on a ventilator last Saturday. He still needs quite a bit of help with his breathing. Like many patients currently in ICU beds all around the world, John has pneumonia in both lungs. He has also developed some peripheral issues that are being treated with meds and antibiotics,” Fiona went on to explain.

Despite his current condition, Fiona remains hopeful that John “can continue to fight this devastating virus and come home where we can care for him.” She concluded by thanking his fans “for the outpouring of love and prayers that John and our family have received this last week. Please continue to send Love, Prayers and Positive Energy to John. He needs us now more than ever. John loves you and I love you too.”

Earlier this week, Fiona posted an update suggesting her husband’s condition had stabilized. However, she later clarified  “that is not the same as improving. There is no cure for COVID-19.”

Prine is particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 as he has a history of underlying conditions, including two previous bouts with cancer.