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Kehlani Releases YG Breakup Song Days After Valentine’s Day Collaboration: Stream

on February 17, 2020, 1:29pm

Love is a fickle thing — just ask Kehlani. Mere days after releasing a Valentine’s Day collaboration with her boyfriend YG, the R&B singer is back with a new song called “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” about their own breakup.

Kehlani broke the news over Twitter, writing, “A lot to say a lot to feel.” Perhaps the couple’s split shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kehlani and YG started dating back in September, but they broke up around Christmas after he cheated on her. The two got back together shortly afterwards until, based on the lyrics of “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)”, YG cheated on Kehlani once again.

Musically, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” is a beautiful, intimate standout in Kehlani’s catalog. Over a stripped-back beat of reversed notes and minimal electric guitar by Rascals, Kehlani sings a confessional of sorts, recounting what led to the couple’s demise and how she can’t help but feel bitter about it all. “I took a risk loving loudly/ Defended you proudly/ Ignored all the signs/ Yeah it’s true,” she sings. Stream it below.

Kehlani is gearing up for a few tour dates this year in support of her 2019 mixtape While We Wait and her recent collaboration with Justin Bieber. One of those stops is a live performance at Summerfest in Wisconsin. Grab tickets to all of her upcoming concerts here.