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10 Songs by The Clash That Made Films Better

on February 07, 2020, 12:30pm
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10. “Police on My Back”

Knocked Up (2007)

God bless Judd Apatow. The guy clearly appreciates the power and diversity of Sandinista!, the band’s cruelly underrated 1980 triple album that bafflingly remains polarizing among fans. Case in point: Both 2007’s Knocked Up (“Police on My Back”) and 2009’s Funny People (“Junco Partner”) pull from the album, though if we’re splitting hairs, the former wins out. Sure, it’s a cover of The Equals’ deep cut of the same name, but there’s no denying how Jones and Strummer’s double-guitar work embellishes the stress and tension of the titular scene in question. When Katherine Heigl’s lead character, Alison, comes to the sobering realization that she might be pregnant, her sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann), rushes her to the pharmacy, tipping off a hilarious montage that follows the two of them trying out various pregnancy tests. It’s fast, it’s punchy, and it’s effective, especially when Jones shouts, “What have I done?” Good question, Joe.

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