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10 Most Anticipated Legacy Rock Albums of 2020

on January 14, 2020, 12:00pm
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Releases from veteran rock bands and artists can bring a strange mix of emotions.

While we’re always anxious to hear from one of our all-time favorite bands again — an excitement often intensified as the gap between new releases typically widens over time — history also tells us that veteran acts that are several records, or even several decades, into their careers usually have their best music behind them.

That doesn’t mean that Pearl Jam will undoubtedly fizzle out again like they did on Lightning Bolt or that Robert Smith doesn’t have another Disintegration left in him (should anyone really have two?). It just means that we might have to listen a little closer for that spark that made us love a band in the first place. Some might even argue that’s part of the fun.

On this list, you’ll find reunions, possible farewells, reconfigurations, studio stalwarts, road warriors, bands you forgot all about, chart-toppers of both the present and long ago, and the songwriters and shredders behind some of the greatest rock music in history. Are the odds of another game-changing album from one of these artists long? Maybe. But something deep inside also tells us never to bet against anyone on this list. Especially Huey Lewis and the power of love.

Happy rocking in 2020. Don’t bust a hip.

–Matt Melis
Editorial Director

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