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Grimes lets loose new song “My Name is Dark”: Stream

on November 29, 2019, 10:30am

February 2020 brings the long-awaited arrival of the new Grimes album, Miss_Anthrop0ceneFans already have had two early looks at the record with “Violence” and “So Heavy”. A third preview in “My Name is Dark” has now been revealed.

On the titillating six-minute track, Grimes can be heard singing, “I don’t go to sleep anymore/ The boy is such a bore, the girl is such a bore/ I never trust a girl who let him pray to God for sure/ I don’t need to sleep anymore/ That’s what the drugs are for.”

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If the last line in that chorus sounds strangely familiar, it’s because an earlier version of this track surfaced June 2018. That iteration was simply titled “That’s What the Drugs Are For” and appeared in a commercial for Apple.

Take a listen below.

Miss_Anthrop0cene officially lands on store shelves February 21st. It will mark Grimes first proper full-length since 2015’s Art Angels. Although we consider that LP one of the best albums of the last decade, Grimes thinks it’s a “piece of crap”.

Recently, the pop artist drew sharp criticism for her thoughts on the future of the live music industry, saying artificial intelligence would one day render it “obsolete.”