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Neil Young’s unreleased album Homegrown will finally see light in 2020

on November 22, 2019, 12:54pm

After 45 very long years, Neil Young’s Homegrown album is finally going to see the light of day. The folk rock legend announced that the effort, which was recorded way back in 1975 but never released, is due out next year.

Homegrown will be our first release in 2020, sounding great in vinyl — as it was meant to be… Made in the mid-nineteen seventies!” the musician wrote on his Neil Young Archives website. The message was accompanied by a video that shows his longtime producer John Hanlon working on the album.

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“Mr. J. Hanlon is seen here mastering Homegrown in an all analog chain,” Young explained the clip. He continued, “This is the way records were made when we started out. This is the way we made them sound great. We were told that this was impossible now, the Homegrown tapes were too damaged to use; we had to use Digital. We didn’t agree. We did not accept. We painstakingly restored the analog masters of Homegrown.”

A largely acoustic effort, Homegrown addressed Young’s tumultuous relationship at the time with actress Carrie Snodgress, though it proved to be too emotional of a collection. Young described the project as a “record full of love lost and explorations,” and one “that has been hidden for decades. Too personal and revealing to expose in the freshness of those times.”

“It scared me,” Young told Rolling Stone of the Homegrown songs back in 1975. “They’re a little too real.”

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The veteran songwriter ended up releasing Tonight’s the Night in lieu of Homegrown, but he has long considered the latter LP “the unheard bridge between Harvest and Comes a Time.”

Young didn’t offer any other details on the long-awaited album; however, as Rolling Stone points out, fans were able to spot a telling Post-It in the Hanlon video. The note had a number of song titles listed, such as “Separate Ways”, “Try”, “Mexico”, “Love Is a Rose”, the title track, “Florida”, “We Don’t Smoke It”, and “Kansas”. The visual also features a snippet of the track “We Don’t Smoke It”.

Find the full video and announcement here.

Even with Homegrown finally on the horizon, fans shouldn’t expect to hear much of Young on Facebook; the Grammy-winning musician vowed earlier this week to ditch the social media platform due to its “obvious commitments” to right-wing politics. Young and Crazy Horse returned this past October with a new album dubbed Colorado.