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No Such Thing As A Fish on First Concerts and Halloween Facts

on October 30, 2019, 10:46am

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This week, host Lior Phillips is joined by two of the four hosts of the award-winning, hilarious, and altogether wonderful podcast No Such Thing As A Fish. In addition to hosting that brilliant show, Dan Schreiber and Anna Ptaszynski work as Elves (aka researchers) for British comedy panel show QI, a quiz show where funny and interesting responses are rewarded as well as right answers.

Along with fellow Elves James Harkin and Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna and Dan wound up each week with so much eccentric trivia that they decided to host a sort-of spinoff podcast. Each episode, No Such Thing As A Fish features the four hosts’ favorite facts of the week—some really off-the-wall stuff, equally jaw-droppingly fascinating and hilarious.

On this week’s chat, Dan and Anna call in to talk about their brand new book of facts, their upcoming US and UK tour dates, first gigs, working with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, and so much more. Plus, Anna and Dan share their favorite music facts from the year, as well as some spooky Halloween-ready facts about witches on hallucinogens.

Stream the full episode above and grab tickets to see No Such Thing As A Fish on tour.

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