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10 Must-See Artists Touring New Albums This Fall

on September 13, 2019, 11:47am
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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Lowlands Ben Kaye

Billie Eilish, photo by Ben Kaye

When we spoke to Billie Eilish after making her our 2018 Rookie of the Year, the then-16-year-old breakout star had yet to release her debut album; however, she did already have a deep understanding of her fanbase. Eilish explained to us that the secret behind her appeal — other than invading our heads for weeks at a time with every new single — is that she is just a teenager and no different than her fans. If that’s the case, then Eilish is hosting some of the best hangouts of the fall on her slate of festival and solo dates. Only instead of pillow fights and makeovers, expect a dark night of fun and sarcasm as only Eilish can deliver. Duh! –Regan Bexler

Please Play: “you should see me in a crown”, “all the good girls go to hell”, and “when the party’s over”

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Bon Iver

Justin Vernon Bruce Hornsby "Cast-Off" new song releases music collaboration

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Photo by Ben Kaye

It’s hard to believe that Bon Iver’s breakthrough masterpiece, For Emma, Forever Ago, came out more than 12 years ago — or what feels like quite literally “forever ago” in a world where everything happens at breakneck speed. But while other aughts favorites have fallen by the wayside or ended up on the pop-culture scrapheap, Justin Vernon has managed to evolve and keep relevant without ever compromising the artistic path he set out for himself. When i,i dropped ahead of schedule in early August, fans had to be stoked at the thought of Vernon playing these songs live this fall; as our own Grant Sharples explains, this latest collection sounds like the culmination of everything the band have been working towards across the past decade. It’s poignant to think that Vernon finished one journey so that he could take to the road and share his findings with all of us. –Regan Bexler 

Please Play: “Hey, Ma”, “U (Man Like)”, and “Faith”

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Charli XCX

Charli XCX, photo by Philip Cosores

Charli XCX, Photo by Philip Cosores

Pop mogul Charli XCX announced her first record in five years this past summer. Now, the self-titled Charli arrives in just a few days through Atlantic Records and will feature a slew of prominent guests: Lizzo, Troye Sivan, HAIM, Big Freedia, Christine and the Queens, and Sky Ferreira just to name a few. The release is being supported by the expansive “Charli LIVE Tour,” which began in July and will continue into the new year. The singles released promise that the record is sure to be filled to the brim with sleek, eruptive beats and, according to a statement from Charli herself, is aiming “to dismantle classic beauty ideals.” –Samantha Lopez

Please Play: “Warm” (feat. HAIM), “Blame It on Your Love” (feat. Lizzo), and “1999”

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Wilco photo by Phil Cosores

Wilco, Photo by Phil Cosores

Chicago alt-rock legends Wilco announced a new album, Ode to Joy, to be released next month. The forthcoming record is described as “everything the title suggests,” and in a press release, frontman Jeff Tweedy describes it as “a record full of really big, big folk songs, these monolithic, brutal structures that these delicate feelings are hung on.” Along with a new record, the band will embark on a heavy-duty tour, the first time they’ve hit the road in two years. If first single “Love Is Everywhere (Beware)” offers any indication, fans should beware of a one-of-a-kind experience they won’t soon forget. –Samantha Lopez

Please Play: “Love Is Everywhere (Beware)”

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Lizzo fall 2019 tour dates new coachella juice a cappella

Lizzo, photo by Debi Del Grande

Billie Eilish became a breakout star by the time she was old enough to drive. It’s taken singer, rapper, and flutist Lizzo double the age to become the name on the tip of everyone’s tongue. It only goes to show that you never know when your number might be called. And Lizzo has taken full advantage of a year that belongs to her as much as any other artist: putting out a lauded album of empowering bangers in Cuz I Love You, co-starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers, and taking her dynamic stage show to as many as possible. With some of the hottest songs of the year now peppered throughout her set, Lizzo fans should expect nothing less than a veritable party at her upcoming shows. –Regan Bexler

Please Play: “Soulmate”, “Jerome”, and “Like a Girl”

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