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Stephen King’s cinematic universe expands with The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

on August 21, 2019, 3:39pm

Stephen King’s 1999 novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is set to become a movie.

The adaptation is a passion project of Chris Romero, former wife of horror great George Romero. The late director was originally attached to adapt the book, but production stalled before his passing. Now the project is back from the dead, resurrected by the runaway success of IT. To bring The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon to theaters, Chris Romero is teaming up with IT producer Roy Lee, along with Jon Berg of Vertigo Films and Ryan Silbert of Origin Story.

In a statement, Stephen King said, “I’m thrilled that my book is being brought to the screen, and that George’s company is involved. Chris (Romero) has worked long and hard to make this project happen.”

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon follows a nine year old girl’s struggle for survival. While hiking with her mother and brother, Trisha McFarland falls behind and finds herself lost in the woods. Hunger and thirst make Trisha hallucinate about her family and her favorite baseball player, heartthrob Tom Gordon. As the woods fill up with supernatural signs, Trisha comes to believe she is being stalked by a beast called the God of the Lost.

The new film fits into what is now a perpetually packed schedule for the Stephen King adaptive universe. TV versions of Creepshow and The Dark Tower are in the works, along with a questionable Roadwork movie and Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep. Looming over everything is IT: Chapter Two, the highly anticipated horror tent-pole arriving next month.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is still searching for a writer, and presumably a director, too. Here’s hoping they find both, or you might be left wondering whether you actually read this story, or if it was all a hallucination.