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Top Song of the Week: The 1975 Take Surprising and Refreshing Risks with “The 1975”

on July 27, 2019, 3:26pm
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Hurricane Party – “XOXOXO”

Hurricane Party’s debut record, Juice, is a rager in the face of danger. Case in point: “XOXOXO” — a midnight joyride through the city in an ambulance that peels out into a cloud of misty synths and surf licks. Like Gorillaz with Floridian laissez-faire. This genre-bending collab between hip-hop stalwarts rickoLus and bleubird also features Pink Chlorine joining the party to purr moody verses with the lovedrunk singalongs. The track’s cinematic intensity begs for Rockstar Games to make a new installment of GTA: Vice City, just to bring this song to life. –Cap Blackard


Infinity Crush – “drive thru”

Caroline White’s latest release as Infinity Crush grapples with the ways people try to counter that feeling of not being whole, tying sex and salvation into a complex mess of knots in just over a minute and a half. The second single ahead of Virtual Heaven, “drive thru” has a satisfying completeness to it, starting in a drive thru in April and ending with reflections on growing up and changing and not quite knowing oneself. –Sean Lang


G&D – “P.A.L.”

Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins (aka Declaime) are working together for a second album as G&D, which will be titled Black Love & War, and drop on August 9th. “P.A.L.”, which stands for “post-apocalyptic love”, arrives as the album’s second single. It’s a soulful reflection on the saving capabilities of love, even (and especially) in the face of all the shit that’s going on right now. –Sean Lang


Y La Bamba – “Something Wild”

Luz Elena Mendoza has been making music as Y La Bamba for 11 years, and her fifth full-length effort, Mujeres, dropped earlier this year. “Something Wild”, the Portland-based group’s first new music since then, is driven forward by a slinking bassline and rumbling percussion. Halfway through, Mendoza presents her thesis: “We have been the venom that we have learned to spit in front of each other/ And the warmth of our blood can no longer survive in this cold.” This is a frustrated rallying cry that we can only hope doesn’t fall on deaf ears. –Sean Lang


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