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Kid Karma share the Origins of debut single “Good Morning Blues” feat. Cautious Clay: Stream

on July 25, 2019, 12:42pm

Origins is a new music feature that gives musicians the opportunity to examine the influences behind their latest tune. Today, Kid Karma take us into their debut single, “Good Morning Blues” featuring Cautious Clay.

In the Age of the Smartphone, we have a tendency to make a handheld screen the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see in the morning. That’s arguably a damagingly bad habit to begin with, only worsened by the fact that the things flashing at us in that blue light these days aren’t exactly positive stories. We’re obsessed with our phones, but too often they bring us nothing but bad news. For Kid Karma, that means a constant feeling of “Good Morning Blues”.

The Los Angeles duo’s debut single, “Good Morning Blues” is a gauzy production of depression pop. There’s a tension between the direct lyricism (“All of the taxpayers dollars/ To put a fucking wall up/ Take away all our colors/ You’re left with grey”) and the comforting, gentle instrumentations — especially when guest collaboration Cautious Clay drops in with his sax solo. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cool blanket as you wake up, feeling safe and warm while knowing as soon as you peel back that cover, you’ll have to face the harsh reality.

Kid Karma explained in a press release that “Good Morning Blues” is “a song about the digital world and how immersed we are in it. Waking up and the first thing we do is grab our smartphones. We wrote it right after the Trump election. The mornings felt sad.”

Take a listen below.

For more on how the 2016 election and the cultural fallout that followed led them to create “Good Morning Blues”, Kid Karma have broken down the song’s Origins.

The 2016 Election:

Kid Karma Cautious Clay Good Morning Blues Origins song premiere stream debut single 2016 electionWe wrote it the month we moved to LA from New York. We actually drove into Los Angeles on November 6th, the day of the election. Every morning after that week, naturally, the first thing you do when you open your eyes is reach for that phone and read headlines. The mornings always felt heavy and sad. That was defining our culture at the time and still is. The morning blues. It’s a song of empathy. Not accusatory. That’s whats missing. Empathy

1984 by George Orwell:

Kid Karma Cautious Clay Good Morning Blues Origins song premiere stream debut single george orwell 1984

We continued to change some of the lyrics for this as more things began to happen with our new president. It started to paint this very dystopian future. Actually, the sales for this novel went up after the election.


Kid Karma Cautious Clay Good Morning Blues Origins song premiere stream debut single regression

We wanted the lyrics to embody some political statement. For there to be a sense of accountability and reality, even if reality felt very surreal. We were upset that we seemed as a nation and even as the world, to be so far behind on so many issues. Trump made us regress. He took years of hard work to bring our country forward into the future and made it feel like we were going back to the 1950s.

V for Vendetta:

Initially this movie was sort of the visual inspiration for our artwork and social media presence. We wanted to present something that focused on unity and not the individual face. Paper Bags with colorful streamers seemed like the obvious choice. A statement of we’re all in this together regardless of how we look, who we fuck, where we live, what language we speak. The core message is we all coexist on the same terrain.

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