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Tobias Forge can picture someone else taking over lead vocals in Ghost

on June 03, 2019, 10:02am

Although we’ve seen various incarnations of Ghost’s frontman over the years, from Papa Emeritus to Cardinal Copia, the lead voice has always been that of Tobias Forge, the man behind the makeup and masks.

However, Forge says he had initially envisioned a different direction for Ghost. “When Ghost began to appear in my head, my intention was to just play guitar,” he told Chicago radio station 101 WKQX in a recent interview (watch below). “I wanted to write everything and I wanted do back-up vocals. I just wanted to be the guitar player. That’s always been in my head — I am a guitar player.”

Forge went on to say that he hasn’t ruled out stepping away from lead vocal duties in the future. “Now, obviously, I’m conditioned into being the singer guy, but if I had my way and definitely in an alternative future, if whatever happens, I could definitely picture myself sort of getting someone else to sing and [I] just play guitar.”

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He added, “I love playing those songs myself. Obviously, I don’t do it very often and if I’m just given a guitar, I have to refresh my memory and the more time I spend jumping around doing other things, the less I play guitar.”

Ghost are supporting Metallica on a European tour through August, before hitting the States in the fall for a headlining North American tour.