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Tool launch profiles on Spotify and Apple Music

on May 02, 2019, 1:25pm

Tool have remained one of the last holdouts when it comes to streaming and digital services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others, as the band has offered its music strictly through physical formats. But now, with a new album on the way, it appears the progressive metal act may finally be set to embrace the digital landscape that now dominates the music industry.

Profile pages for the band have gone up on Spotify and Apple Music, each with an identical full band biography. The Spotify page has no music yet, while Apple mistakenly has a “club mix” cover of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” by an artist named Vektor, Shannon & Tool.

In 2017, Bloomberg reported that Tool were in talks to bring their music to Spotify and Apple to go along with the release of their long-anticipated fifth album. Of course, that album never materialized in 2017 — or 2018, for that matter.

But now, with an all but certain release in 2019, it seems like Tool’s music will be heading to streaming services in the near future, despite singer Maynard James Keenan once deriding digital music as “just this disconnected thing that you can’t touch and feel and experience.”

And we could be getting that new music sooner than later, as just yesterday guitarist Adam Jones offered up a tease of a new riff, while Keenan strongly hinted that Tool will be debuting new material on their US tour, which kicks off this Sunday at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

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For now, fans can catch Tool on their aforementioned US tour, which runs through a May 19th show at the Chicago Open Air festival. Tickets for the band’s upcoming shows are available here.