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Lil Nas X makes live debut with Diplo, Billy Ray Cyrus to perform “Old Town Road”: Watch

on April 29, 2019, 11:40am

Well, we’ve reached peak “Old Town Road”, folks. The viral sensation started its life as a TikTok challenge tune, rose to Billboard prominence, stirred controversy for not being “country enough,” and somehow reignited Billy Ray Cyrus’ relevance (again; the man is country music’s Beric Dondarrion). Now, the track that made a bemusing star out of Lil Nas X has finally made it the stage — while simultaneously going full EDM.

Diplo debuted his new remix of “Old Town Road” during this weekend’s Stagecoach fest out in Indio, California. He first welcomed Cyrus onto the stage, and the crowd was more than hyped to sing along with the “Achy Breaky” man about riding till they can’t ride no more. Then out came Lil Nas X himself, and people went apesh*t as the young Atlanta musician made his performance debut.

Witnessing a meme come to life in real time is a thoroughly 2019 experience, and seeing it happen with Diplo pressing buttons behind a stack of hay bales and the mother of Miley Cyrus strumming stage right just makes it all the more choice. Take a look below.

Diplo has also released the studio version of his “Old Town Road” remix, which you can hear below. Just wait till you hear that whistling drop:

There’s still more “Old Town Road” to come, too, as Lil Nas X recently teased he’s filming the song’s video.

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