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Childish Gambino shares new song “Algorhythm” via AR app

on April 24, 2019, 1:23pm

As evidenced by the multi-faceted debut for his latest film, Guava Island, and his new line of adidas shoes, Donald Glover has moved beyond the typical release paradigms. Now, he’s shared his latest song as Childish Gambino in a completely different reality — an augmented one.

As Billboard reports, Gambino’s Pharos AR app is currently allowing users to hear his new track “Algorhythm” in a very unique way. Users can launch the app and view the world altered by 3D graphics through their phone’s camera. Nestled around the digitized environment are neon symbols that when centered on your phone trigger a spatialized audio loop. Building different loops from different symbols on top of each other eventually reveals the full song.

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Some fans have actually already heard “Algorhythm”, as a demo was shared with anyone who purchased a ticket to one of Childish Gambino’s recent concerts. He’s also been performing it live during shows.

Pharos AR is currently only available for Android devices, though Variety notes an iOS version is in the works. Head to the Google Play store to download your copy and listen to the song, and watch Gambino perform it live below.