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Rob Halford: “There’s definitely another Judas Priest album on the way”

on March 11, 2019, 9:31am

At this stage in their career, Judas Priest could easily make a living off their legacy, but the legendary metal act continues to be a vital and active recording band roughly 50 years since their formation.

Priest received critical praise for their 2018 album, Firepower, and could have easily decided to call the LP their swan song, but, in a new interview, frontman Rob Halford says plans are already in the works for a new album.

While playing the Download Festival in Australia over the weekend, Halford was interviewed by May The Rock Be With You (watch below). At one point the singer was asked what was next for the band, and he responded, “I would say much of the same. Judas Priest is on a roll and we’re on fire with this music.”

He continued, “The reaction, the support from our fans, and everybody is what gives you that thought of, ‘What would happen if we did another song, then another song and then an album? We might as well go out and tour again.’ It’s a lot of things combined that really still keeps us active.”

Halford added, “We’re always looking for a different type of tilt to what we’re about as a band in the next project of songs we’re going to release. We’re already thinking about that now. We had a meeting in the UK just before we came to Australia about planning the foreseeable future and I would say there’s definitely another Judas Priest album on the way.”

Judas Priest were set to open for Ozzy Osbourne on a winter European tour, but those dates got postponed when Ozzy fell ill. While no official announcement has been made, the trek is expected to be rescheduled for the fall. In the meantime, Priest will kick off a North American tour on May 3rd in Hollywood, Florida. Tickets are available here.

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