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A sequel to Air Force One is in the early stages of development: Report

on March 08, 2019, 5:52pm

At this precise point in 1997, we lived in a very different world. Audiences were still excited about the forthcoming release of Batman & Robin. The American presidency was just embarrassing, instead of an active source of depression for large swaths of the population. “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls held sway atop the Billboard Hot 100. And thanks to Harrison FordAir Force One was about to become the kind of action movie that audiences will still stop and watch anytime it shows up on TV until it’s over.

Of all the ’90s movies to enjoy a sequel or reboot due to the growing wave of nostalgia for that last semi-analog decade, we at CoS didn’t think that Wolfgang Petersen’s modest hit would be among them. But according to a report from Discussing Film, a sequel is reportedly in the early stages of production at Sony, which released the original feature. According to the report, “It is unknown if Wolfgang Petersen and Harrison Ford will reprise their roles or if this will be a new story with new characters set in the same universe.”

If you’re sitting at home, or wherever you are, and you’re reading this, and you thought “wait, were the people clamoring for more stories from the Air Force One extended universe?”, you’re not alone. That said, we’ll be keeping an eye on this project, and whether Ford will potentially have the chance to demand once again that we deboard his plane, or experience force as an immediate result.