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Tekashi 6ix9ine may already be looking to cop a plea deal

on November 22, 2018, 1:41pm

A lawyer for Tekashi 6ix9ne says he isn’t actually a gangster, he just pretends to be one. Now, TMZ reports that the 22-year-old rapper has been moved to a federal facility that is regularly used to house witnesses who cooperate with the feds.

Whether or not that means 6ix9ine is striking a plea deal remains to be seen. He certainly has some compelling reasons to do so, however: he is facing a minimum of 32 years and a maximum of life in prison on a number of federal charges, including racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, and drug distribution.

What’s more, 6ix9ine has had a falling out with his manager Shotti (Kifano Jordan) and other associates.  Prior to his arrest, he fired his entire team, including Shotti, alleging that they had stolen money from him. Shotti, along with Ish (Jensel Butler), Crippy (Faheem Walter), and Mel Murda (Jamel Jones) were arrested on similar federal charges. In a preliminary hearing, 6ix9ine’s lawyer accused Shotti of stealing nearly $2 million from the rapper. Meanwhile, prosecutors revealed that Mel Murda was caught on a wire threatening to put a hit out on 6ix9ine in retaliation for his firing.

6ix9ine’s lawyer would only tell TMZ that the transfer was done for “”security reasons,” as the rapper allegedly received death threats from rival gang members. He was previously placed in general population at the “notoriously brutal” Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

In related news, the release of 6ix9ine’s new album, Dummy Boy, has been delayed “until further notice.”