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Rock Fights, Smoke Holes, and Haunted Fridges Bring Us Closer to Pennywise in Stephen King’s It

on October 26, 2018, 12:05am

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“Ruh-Ruh-Rocks. A-A-Ammo.”

Constant Listeners, grab a flask, fill it with vodka or maybe some Wild Turkey, and head to the Derry Public Library. There are stories to be told. Old stories. Some rougher than the others. But all will require a little time traveling — specifically to 1958 again.

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Join Losers Randall Colburn, Dan Caffrey, Ahse Digg, and Justin Gerber as they pick up some sharp rocks and test their aim for the fifth episode revolving around Stephen King’s 1986 epic. Together, they explore smoke holes and haunted fridges as they flip through “Part 4: July of 1958” and Mike Hanlon’s “Derry: The Fourth Interlude.”

Listen above and return next week when the Losers close the book for good with “Part 5: The Ritual of Chud” and “Derry: The Last Interlude.” For now, don’t forget to show your support and leave us a glowing review on iTunes.

Chapter include: Introduction, Heroes and Villains (8:29), Misery (1:57:00), The Sematary (2:10:30), Word Processor of the Gods (2:26:00), Poundcake (2:38:00), King’s Dominion (2:50:00), and Outro (2:55:30)

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