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Dave Grohl pulls blind child out of audience, brings him to side of the stage during Foo Fighters concert

on October 21, 2018, 2:27pm

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Dave Grohl is a good dude. He gifted a $2,000 guitar to a 10-year-old Metallica fan, played second fiddle to his daughter at a charity event, and reunited motherf*ckin Nirvana during Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam Fest… and all that happened within the last month. Well, good guy Grohl was at it again during Foo Fighters’ gig in St. Paul, Minnesota on Thursday.

Per Christy Taylor of Go 96.3 in Minneapolis, Grohl invited a blind child to the stage after noticing him in the audience. The child and his parents were escorted to the side of the stage, where they watched the remainder of the concert. At one point, Grohl even brought his guitar over to the child so that he could touch it.

Update: The child is named Owen and his mother, Stacey, provided some more details of their experience on our Facebook page.

Grohl interacts with the child around the 3:10 minute mark of the video: