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Christian Bale is a cold, calculating Dick Cheney in first trailer for Vice: Watch

on October 03, 2018, 9:49am

There’s been plenty of ballyhoo regarding the physical transformation Christian Bale has undergone to play former Vice President Dick Cheney. The steel-jawed hunk put on more than 100 pounds of tub to play the role of the war-mongering politico (he’s since lost it), but it seems he put equal work into nailing the man’s mannerisms. In the first trailer for Adam McKay’s The Big Short follow-up Vice, Bale displays a measured, studied performance that’s still, in the context of McKay’s freewheeling style, just a little bit showy.

Vice centers around how Cheney manipulated the mostly neutered Vice President position to make decisions that drastically impacted the world. The film should serve as a helpful reminder that, while Trump is a menace, the White House is no strangers to monsters, and Cheney might have been the worst of them all. Amy Adams plays his wife, Lynne, while Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell play his political cohorts, Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush, respectively.

Also, there’s a shot of him in hunting gear, which means McKay likely couldn’t not depict the time Cheney shot a dude in the fucking face.

Check it out:

Vice hits theaters on Christmas day.