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Kanye West and Lil Pump share goofy video for Pornhub Awards song “I Love It”: Watch

on September 07, 2018, 10:30am

Last night, Kanye West served as the creative director for the first annual Pornhub Awards in Los Angeles. In addition to styling the presenters and designing the dildo-themed statutes, Kanye debuted a new, appropriately raunchy collaboration with Lil Pump called, “I Love It”.

Sampling a standup bit from comedian Adele Givens, the track makes no bones about being a nasty ode to doing the nasty. After a hook of “You’re such a fucking ho/ I love it,” Kanye raps, “I’m a sick fuck/ I like a quick fuck/ I like my dick sucked/ I’ll buy you a sick truck/ I’ll buy you some new tits/ I’ll get you that nip-tuck/ How you start a family?/ The condom slipped up.” I mean, this is for Pornhub.

The song comes via a goofy video Kanye co-directed alongside Amanda Adelson, with Spike Jonze serving as executive producer. Pump and Kanye don oversized, squared costumes as they dance behind a woman through a long, perspective-altering hallway. From the looks on Kanye’s face, this is the most fun he’s had in music in years. Check it out below

For more of Kanye’s Pornhub appreciation, you can snag one of his Yeezy sweatshirts featuring incredibly inaccurate drawings of some of his favorite pornstars.