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Donald Glover may have attended the Emmys dressed as Teddy Perkins

on September 17, 2018, 9:48pm

With Atlanta nominated 16 times, it’s no surprise Donald Glover was in attendance at tonight’s Emmy Awards. However, he didn’t come alone: Teddy Perkins, Glover’s strange and villainous character who made his debut in season two of the FX hit series, was sitting front row.

As FADER points out, Perkins’ cameo was revealed right after Bill Hader was announced as the winner for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Hader reached into the crowd to hug someone, which turned out to be the suspicious looking Perkins.

The surprising mystery didn’t stop there, however. Minutes later, when the camera panned back to where Perkins was seated, we see only Glover, looking nonchalant as ever. Either Glover is an expert wardrobe changer (which is possible, given his touring experience as Childish Gambino), or he’s got one heck of a speedy double ready at a moment’s notice. One working theory is that Glover’s Atlanta cast mate, Lakeith Stanfield, was the one dressed as Perkins.