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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul joins Westworld’s third season

on September 13, 2018, 4:15pm

Aaron Paul emerged white hot from Breaking Bad, the AMC series that found his foul-mouthed stoner evolve into a tremendously layered and tragic character that landed him three Emmy Awards across the show’s run. Since then, he’s worked consistently on series like Hulu’s The Path and Apple’s Are You Sleeping?, but has yet to find a role that resonates in the same manner as Jesse Pinkman. That may change, however, as Variety reports that Paul has been cast in the third season HBO’s sci-fi tentpole Westworld.

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Westworld, an endlessly frustrating series that continually squanders its considerably potential, is due for a reboot of sorts next season, what with the seismic, yet still confusing, ending of its second outing. Paul will be a series regular, but details on his character remain on the hush hush.

Whether or not the series is able to craft a coherent narrative in its next season—or simply continue to feed the Redditors—it’s still likely that Paul could score himself another statuette. The series’ second season was nominated for a stunning 21 Emmy Awards.