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Netflix won’t be saving Timeless

on July 29, 2018, 3:23pm

In early July, NBC made the decision to cancel the critically-acclaimed Timeless, a decision that surprised its outspoken fanbase. It’s the second time Timeless was cancelled — the first was famously given a rare take-backsies by NBC, which chose to un-cancel the show days after pulling the plug. Since the announcement, speculation has flown that Netflix might choose to rescue the series, despite the official Timeless writers’ room account stating that all streaming services had been explored, with no deal cut.

Today, at the Television Critics Association, Netflix VP Cindy Holland effectively shut down any hopes that the show might find a last-minute reprise. In response to a question from this writer, Holland said, “I’m not aware of any conversations about Timeless.” Translation: it’s a very polite way of saying “no, we’re not interested in Timeless,” a kind of gentle “I don’t know her.”

Assuming any conversations were had, the high price tag on Timeless may have been the deal-killer.

The possibility of a final movie remains in the works. Fingers crossed — come on, NBC, do you want to save Rufus or not?

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