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Kanye, J Prince call for end of Drake vs. Pusha-T beef

on June 04, 2018, 12:18am

Though it’s actually been simmering for several years, the Drake vs. Pusha-T beef boiled over last week. First King Push fired shots on his Daytona track “Infrared”, then Drizzy shot back with “Duppy Freestyle”. The most recent volley was the atomic bomb of Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon”, in which he blew the lid off Drake’s alleged secret, neglected child with porn star Sophie Brussaux, on top of taking shots at Drake’s dad and mocking OVO produced Noah “40” Shebib for his multiple sclerosis.

But if the OGs surrounding the two rappers have any say in the matter, this beef is just about squashed. Both Kanye West (who produced Daytona and released it through his GOOD Music) and J Prince (who has gone to bat for Drake before) have spoken out about the feud, agreeing that “Adidon” took things too far and it’s time to put a stop to things.

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Just a day after releasing ye, Kanye sent out a tweet saying he has “never been about beef.” “Lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone,” he wrote. “So this is dead now.”

Meanwhile, Prince appeared on DTLR Radio and revealed he’d given Drake “an OG call telling him, ‘I don’t want you to respond to this.” “I call it a pigpen mentality,” the Rap-a-Lot Records CEO explained. “We gonna put this to bed, because we can’t get in the pigpen with pigs, because pigs turn into hogs, and then hogs get slaughtered. That’s not his character. We ain’t worked this hard to cheat ourselves over nothing.” Prince also said he didn’t approve of dragging someone’s parents or a dying man into the war of words.

Listen to the relevant section of the interview below (via Reddit).

It’s been four days since any new fighting words have been rapped, and as it’s Drake’s turn to respond, it’s possible this beef is indeed squashed. Though if that’s the case, do we call Pusha-T the winner because he got the last word, even though he arguably took things too far with his callouts? Or as our own Gary Suarez said in his recent feature, is there no such thing as crossing the line in a rap beef?