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Filmography: Stanley Kubrick: Episode 3: “Human Desire”

on June 29, 2018, 1:00pm

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On “Human Desire”, the third episode of our Stanley Kubrick season of Filmography, Film Editor Dominick Suzanne-Mayer is joined by CoS senior writers and The Losers Club co-hosts Randall Colburn and Justin Gerber to examine the filmmaker’s most sexually charged works, how his interests in the physical body were maintained and altered over time, how Kubrick envisions male desire in particular, and much more.

This week’s discussion is focused around the following features:

Chapters: Introduction (0:09), Human Desire: A Discussion (3:31), Lolita (7:09), A Clockwork Orange (24:13), Eyes Wide Shut (41:23), Intermission (1:00:55), Cinematography and Editing (1:01:38), The Lasting Image (1:29:07), Music & Score (1:34:40), Final Discussion (1:47:01), and Closing Remarks (1:52:01)

We’ll see you next week for the fourth and final episode, “Human Extremes”, on July 5th.