Late Night Performances

alt-J debut new version of “In Cold Blood” featuring Pusha-T and Twin Shadow: Watch

on June 15, 2018, 11:25am

A year after releasing RELAXER, alt-J has shared a new version of one of the album’s standout tracks, “In Cold Blood”. For the reworking, the UK indie rockers recruited two unlikely bedfellows in Pusha-T and Twin Shadow. Both artists were on hand as alt-J debuted the track on Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night.

This new version of “In Cold Blood” is sparser and spookier than the RELAXER original, utilizing haunting electronics and a fair amount of space to darken the tones. The buoyant horns have been stripped away, replaced by Twin Shadow’s pointed guitar notes. Pusha-T’s verse comes in like a remix, backed by eerie, childlike repetitions of his lyrics (some of which, it seems, he mixed up during the Colbert performance.) Check out the live premiere of “In Cold Blood” V. 2.0 below.

You can also stream “In Cold Blood”, which puts Pusha’s verse at the start and doubles down on the electronic vocalizations, via Spotify and Apple Music below.

alt-J recently sat down with Kyle Meredith to discuss their love of Radiohead and why they consider themselves a folk band. Pusha, meanwhile, dropped his latest album, the Kanye-produced DAYTONA, last month. Twin Shadow returned after his scary 2015 bus crash with April’s Caer.

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