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Billy Corgan says Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion would be “a shitty reality show” with D’Arcy Wretzky

on May 03, 2018, 1:49pm

Billy Corgan has to be sick of talking about this whole D’Arcy Wretzky situation. Even though he said as much back in February, the questions keep coming as Smashing Pumpkins’ anticipated reunion tour still lingers a few months off. The latest inquiry about the messy, strained relationship between the former bandmates came when Corgan sat down with Lars Ulrich for a chat on Beats 1.

Ulrich asked if Corgan wanted to give his side of the story, and though the frontman initially refused to “feed back into the [tabloid] machine,” he expounded on how his final falling out with Wretzky went down. He said the estranged pair had been talking over the phone for two years prior to the reunion announcement, adding that he still hasn’t seen her face-to-face in 19 years. The calls were apparently “very pleasant,” but “when it became obvious that it wasn’t the way she wanted it to be, it turned into this other thing that was reminiscent of the past,” Corgan said.

Saying that the band was “very comfortable” moving on without Wretzky, Corgan quoted drummer Jimmy Chamberlin: “Now that we’ve seen how it all went, it was never gonna work.” He continued,

“If you’re really not passionate about what you do and you’re not passionate about providing that passion to fans by extension and saying, ‘Look we really love what we do and we want to share this with you.’ If that relationship is not at the heart of what you do, then what are you doing? The thing that keeps you on the rudder is the music and the fact that somehow when the three of us [Corgan, Chamberlin, and James Iha) come together, this magical thing happens that’s bigger than me, and I have no problem admitting to that. And if that’s not your guiding principle, then it’s a shitty reality show. And we don’t want the shitty reality show, we really don’t. We’d rather just stay on the music, and if we can do that, great.”

Listen to excerpts from the interview below. The Pumpkins’ reunion starts July 12th in Glendale, Arizona; their full itinerary can be found here.