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Frank Zappa: From Them Or Us to Broadway The Hard Way

on May 01, 2018, 12:00am

In this episode of Discography, we set our sights on Frank Zappa‘s mid-Eighties work. Things are getting extra weird, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

It’s a controversial period – partially because some folks weren’t ready for Zappa to go completely electronic with his Synclavier-led composition, while others felt that his lyrics in this era went far, far beyond the pale.

Culty indie pop singer/songwriter Marc With a C continues to analyze the entirety of the Zappa’s discography as one continuous composition – exactly how the experimental artist claimed his work could be viewed.

This week Marc takes the deep dive through ill-fated run-in’s with the London Symphony Orchestra, big movements that are built around sampling the infamous PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) hearings, and… one record so difficult that Marc almost jumped off this project, full-stop.

We’re getting tied to the whipping post, we’re going to night school to learn all about the elusive G-Spot Tornado, and we’re visited by… Sting from The Police?

(Also we should mention upfront that this is the least “safe for work” episode of Discography yet.)