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Car Seat Headrest perform TV version of “Bodys” on Fallon: Watch

on May 10, 2018, 11:13am

Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo isn’t exactly known for a laconic writing style. Two out of the 10 tracks on the project’s latest album, Twin Fantasy (Face to Face), fall under three minutes, and everything else is over five. So when he brought the single “Bodys” to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, he and the band had to cut some time — and he made sure the audience knew.

Twice during the performance, Toledo acknowledged with the wryness of a gangly James Murphy that they had to shave down the song to fit the late night time allotment. “And normally we do a bit of a breakdown here, but we only have 50 seconds left so we’re just going to go to the final chorus,” he said as the music dropped out. The playful fourth-wall break actually only highlighted how the impact the expanded CSH lineup — now featuring six stage musicians plus Toledo — has in a live setting, as that final chorus really came in hard.

Check out the replay below, and keep an eye out for drummer Andrew Katz’s shoutout to J.Lo, who was Fallon’s guest earlier in the night.

Car Seat Headrest just kicked off an extensive world tour, and you can find the complete list of upcoming shows here.

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