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Joe Hill’s epic horror-fantasy novel NOS4A2 given a 10-episode order by AMC

on April 10, 2018, 1:34pm

Joe Hill takes after his pops, the one and only Stephen King. Hill’s proven himself to have a deft hand with horror, whether it be through novels (Heart-Shaped Box, Horns), short story collections (the incredible 20th Century Ghosts), or graphic novels (Locke & Key). His last novel, The Fireman, was something of a disappoint, but its predecessor sure wasn’t: NOS4A2, the story of a supernatural child predator named Charles Manx, was an epic blend of horror and fantasy, and AMC just picked it up for a 10-episode order.

News of AMC’s involvement in its adaptation first came back in 2015, though few details emerged in the wake of that announcement. As Entertainment Weekly reports, it turns out a writers’ room gathered last year as part of AMC’s new script-to-series model, and the results were strong enough to warrant the green light. Hill will serve as executive producer of the series, while Jami O’Brien of Fear the Walking Dead will serve as a creator and showrunner.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the forthcoming adaptation of NOS4A2,” Hill said in a statement. “I know it’s in good hands with showrunner Jami O’Brien: Her beautifully composed scripts show a writer at the height of her powers, one who has an exquisite touch with character and a relentless instinct for suspense. AMC’s record speaks for itself: Who wouldn’t want to be in business with the Mad Men who Broke Bad and made The Dead Walk? And Tornante’s dedication to bringing singular visions to TV has freed everyone involved to do their best and truest work. I can’t wait to see Vic McQueen turn the throttle and go after Charlie Manx in 2019. Let’s ride.”

While we’re no fans of Fear the Walking Dead (or its parent show) here at CoS, we’re excited to see what O’Brien can do with a series that isn’t hitched to another, deeply flawed property. NOS4A2 is packed with indelible horror, a vivid alternate universe, and a strong protagonist in Vic McQueen, an artist with a supernatural ability that allows her to pursue Manx into Christmasland, a twisted, otherworldly Christmas village where he deposits the children whose souls he’s already drained.

NOS4A2 is slated for a 2019 premiere.

Previously, Hill saw Horns turned into a 2014 film starring Daniel Radcliffe, while a pilot for Locke & Key was reportedly passed on by Hulu. He’s also apparently going to see a film adaptation of his novella, Throttle, which he co-wrote with his dad, come to the big screen.

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