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Chance the Rapper rejects Donald Trump: “I’d never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination”

on April 27, 2018, 11:19am

Earlier this week, Chance the Rapper said in a tweet, “Black people don’t have to democrats,” promoting a shout out from Donald Trump this morning. In a new statement, Chance sought to clarify his position, saying that his attempt to support Kanye West was “being used to discredit my brothers and sisters in the movement and I can’t sit by and let that happen either.”

“I’d never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination, Chance continued. “I’d never support someone who’d talk about Chicago as if it’s hell on earth and then take steps to make life harder here for the most disenfranchised among us. I understand why people are disappointed with my words, but I was raised to believe actions speak louder than words. So let my apology be seen in my future works, and let me make up for my poorly timed comments with immediate action and advocacy for those who need it most.”

“My statement about black folk not having to be democrats (though true) was a deflection from the real conversation and stemmed from a personal issue with the fact that Chicago had generations of democratic officials with no investment or regard for black schools, neighborhood or black lives,” Chance added. “But again, said that shit at the wrongest time.”

Read his full statement below. Kanye, meanwhile, is still walking around in a MAGA hat.