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Confirmed: Daniel Day-Lewis still uses a flip phone

on April 06, 2018, 11:51am

Daniel Day-Lewis has no interest in these times. He primarily acts in period pieces. In the ’90s, he spent 10 months learning how to be a cobbler from Italian shoemaker Stefano Bemer. And, in perhaps the greatest sign of disinterest one can lob at the 21st century, he still uses a flip phone.

Journalist Karen Han has photographic evidence of the latter, and posted it to Twitter yesterday to the fascination of our culture’s smartphone cognoscenti.

And, lest you think Han’s photo isn’t sufficient, another user noticed the ring on the subway rider’s finger and found that very same ring in an awards show photo of Day-Lewis himself.

There’s still some questions, however. Flip phones are a distant memory to most, but, as comedian Daniel Kibblesmith points out, those who remember them know there’s not much to browse on a phone with no apps or internet connectivity.

Day-Lewis recently confirmed that he’s retired from acting and wants to “explore the world in a different way.” This isn’t what we expected when he said that, but all the power to you, DDL.

The actor went out on a high note, after all, with his Oscar-nominated performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread highlighting the transformative qualities of the man. Still, however, there’s always the possibility that he’s quietly preparing for a new role.