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Liam Gallagher finally meets his match: Oasis singer is interviewed by a bunch of kids

on February 20, 2018, 10:47am

Liam Gallagher has done loads of great interviews in his day, including one with our own Lior Phillips. But this one just might take the cake: the former Oasis singer recently participated in a no-holds-barred Q&A with some grade school kids. They quizzed Liam on his favorite Disney movie, what song he most enjoys playing… and his favorite type of farts. When questions about Oasis and Noel inevitably came up, Liam did his best to moderate his language, opting instead for a school yard-appropriate insult: “He’s naughty, and he’s not much bigger than you actually.” Later, when Liam reflected on his own time in school, he offered the children this sage piece of advice: “If you wanna be a rock star, look out the window, stare at the clouds and do loud farts.” Watch the very funny clip below.

In related news, Liam was recently interviewed by an adult and admitted to being drunk when he tweeted about reconciling with Noel over the holidays.