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Liam Gallagher blames Noel’s wife for preventing Oasis reunion, calls her a “witch”

on February 28, 2018, 3:28pm

Just a week after Liam Gallagher reminded us he’s not entirely bilious during an interview with some adorable kids, he’s back on Twitter with more invective. This time, it’s directed at his brother Noel‘s wife, publicist Sara MacDonald, who he accuses of preventing an Oasis reunion tour.

“Think it’s time to address the witch,” Liam tweeted this morning. “You want me to drop dead. You have a screw loose and know the world knows. As you were.”

Liam’s referring to comments made by MacDonald, who clapped back at Liam after the ornery Brit said he didn’t care whether anyone in Noel’s family, including his 18-year old daughter Anais, were abused on social media. The Sun reports that Liam and MacDonald exchanged barbs on Instagram, with MacDonald allegedly saying, “Please god (you) have dropped dead by the time my kids are on social media.”

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In a series of predictably punctuation-less tweets, Liam said MacDonald is “the reason OASIS is no longer,” adding “she’s DARK.”

“We were about to go on tour to USA,” he continued. “She robbed Noel’s passport, fucked with his head for a [week]. He come crying at my door. She’s proper dark.”

As Pitchfork points out, Liam’s tweets support comments he made back in January during an interview with Q magazine. As reported by Sky News, Liam said that Noel is “desperate to get Oasis back,” but “he’s not allowed to, his missus won’t let him now, cos she’s another one.”

In December, Noel said he didn’t want to be a stadium rocker at the age of 50, calling it “undignified.” In Q, Liam responded, saying, “I know for a fact, deep down, he wants to be playing stadiums.” Of course, he followed that by saying Noel doesn’t get to play stadiums unless Liam is there.

All of this comes after Liam revealed he attempted to reunite Oasis without Noel, but that, speaking of the band, “they weren’t up for it.”

See all of Liam’s tweets regarding MacDonald below. “Never get tired of exposing the dark side oasis for ever,” he added at one point.

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