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EarthGang break down their new EP, Royalty, Track by Track: Stream

on February 23, 2018, 1:35pm

In our recurring Track by Track new music feature, the highlighted artist breaks down every song on their latest effort.

After catching the attention of J. Cole and signing to his Dreamville label, February Artist of the Month EarthGang are poised take their sound to the next dimension with their upcoming full-length, Mirrorland. As the Atlanta duo prepares to reach new heights, Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have shared the final installment of their EP trilogy, Royalty. Apple Music and Spotify users can stream it in full below.

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The EP includes the melodic Ari Lennox-assisted single, “Nothing But The Best”, featuring production from Childish Major. Other highlights include the motivation anthem “Build” and feel-good track “Off The Lot”.

In EarthGang’s interview with Consequence of Sound’s Karas Lamb, Venus described Royalty as a culmination of their previous two EPs, Rags and Robots. “This project really is us sitting in that space ready to free yourself from whatever is going on around you,” he explained. “This EP is the launching pad that is going to allow us to take that next step. We’re right at the edge, and all of those feelings are wrapped into one project. It’s like, the world is yours after that — after you take that next step and hit that next goal.”

To further educate listeners about the journey taken on Royalty, Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot take us through the EP Track by Track.

Johnny Venus: It’s a celebration. We turning water into wine then turning that into crazy memories.

Doctur Dot: “Cocktail” is a record that implies the foresight of something bigger than us. The potential to connect people into a movement that represents love more than just music for clout.

Venus: It’s the anthem for when you quit your job and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

Doc: “Build” is a song that reflects on overcoming your past and the obstacles in your present.

“Nothing But The Best” (feat. Ari Lennox):
Venus: We take you on a ride with this one… through the tube of a giant wave, washing you up on a shore of gold.

Doc: “Nothing But The Best” is a special record because it was a product of a “hook camp” concept we were doing at the Sheltuh with Ari Lennox. We would wake up in the mornings and just go through beats trying to say clever catchy things and just vibe. It’s basically the feeling of when you posted with your friends and talking about when you get rich.

EarthGang -- Royalty EP

“Off The Lot” (feat. Mereba):
Venus: “Off The Lot”, we cruise down Atlanta’s front streets where you see the 30 inch rims, children playing in the street, and the youth hustling for their prizes.

Doc: “Off the Lot” is a record we made to highlight the experience of putting something in your name and upgrading your life. Material upgrades don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but you can’t deny that it feels good.

Venus: We walk you to the river, splash you with some cold, cold water, hand you a blow pop, and send you on your way.

Doc: “Lolsmh” is what it feels like to look at yourself and question how you got to where you are.