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A meme becomes a movie in first trailer for Slender Man: Watch

on January 03, 2018, 10:08am


The meme that became folklore that became the center of a nationwide discussion on the Internet and mental illness in kids is now becoming a film. Slender Man is set for a May 18th release via Screen Gems, and the first trailer has debuted today.

For all the decade-long build up of the creepy, faceless character, the trailer makes things out to be a pretty standard horror affair. Cops searching woods at night, girl tied to hospital bed, shaking bedroom door, random shots of uncomfortable images — all the boxes are checked. Of course, what’s always made Slender Man so unnerving is the psychological aspect, something that hopefully gets fleshed out in the full movie. You only get the briefest of looks at the creature himself (played by Javier Botet from The Conjuring 2), but it’s his implied presence in scenes like when the girl stabs herself in the eye with a scalpel that’s meant to really send shivers down your spine.

Set in a small Massachusetts town, the movie follows four high school girls — Jaz Sinclair (When the Bough Breaks), Joey King (Independence Day: Resurgence), Julia Goldani Telles (TV’s The Affair), Annalise Basso (Captain Fantastic) — as they perform a ritual in an attempt to debunk the myth of Slender Man. When one of the girls goes missing, however, it becomes clear she’s actually been taken by HIM. Slender Man was written by David Birke (the upcoming The Picture of Dorian Grey, to be directed by St. Vincent) and directed by Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard). Watch the trailer up above.

Slender Man is not to be confused with Beware the Slenderman, the 2016 documentary that is very much worthy of a viewing.

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