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Run the Jewels perform at an empty Madison Square Garden during the apocalypse in “Call Ticketron” video: Watch

on December 15, 2017, 1:04pm


With a fresh Grammy nomination under their belts, it might not be long before Run the Jewels continue moving up the ranks to headline arenas like Madison Square Garden. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like their new video for “Call Ticketron”, though, or else ticketbuyers may be clamoring for a refund.

Directed by Brad and Brian Palmer of Surround, the clip finds the rap duo taking the MSG stage only to find their fans have mysteriously vanished. As they make their way through the venue, the apocalypse descends on the streets outside. Giant laser-shooting alien spiders birthed from flaming meteors take over the streets as flying saucers circle over head, abducting terrified citizens. What’s a Grammy-nominated hip-hop duo to do but spark a blunt and marvel at the end of the world? Take a look up above.

You can actually call the emergency tip line displayed on the newscast as the beginning of the video (646-846-RTJ3), but all you’ll hear are scrambled transmissions or snippets from clip.

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